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Designed for Integrated Workspaces Solution

Thoughtfully designed and absolutely flexible, our MetaLink office space system adapts easily to the ever-changing needs of contemporary workplaces. Featuring U shaped or O shape closed leg, with smart screen options to choose from ,which enables this integrated workspaces solution easily adapts to all working styles, from individual workstations to collaborative teams. Quality and affordability combine, for an aesthetically pleasing total solution.

Essential Workspaces
MetaLink presents a dynamic assortment of office furnishings, allowing for essential and fully integrated workspaces that always focus on productivity.


· Flexible modular system available with full connectivity

· Floating Visual Effect

· Triangular/Square O or U Leg creates lightness

· Dividing panels can be supplied in your choice of colour and

· Cable tower and cable baskets ensure smooth cable

· The pedestal does not only offer convenient storage for users, but also functions as the supporting leg for the L-shaped desks

· The unique patented inner height adjustment mechanism. It is cleverly concealed in the bottom of each table leg. A small cover is simply opened, where a spanner adjusts height between 710-760mm for a preminum option

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